Manual Handling (Non-accredited practical only)

The non-accredited Manual Handling course will provide you with the practical knowledge and skills to safely undertake tasks and reduce the risk of injury to yourself. This course will ensure that you can safely perform a range of Manual Handling operations such as people transfers within the health care environment.
Training is based on the National Guidelines for Integrating Occupational Health and Safety Competencies into National Industry Competency Standards, National Code of Practice for Manual Handling 1990, An Employer’s Guide to the Manual Tasks Advisory Standard 2000, National Standard for Manual Handling (1990), Occupational Health and Safety (Manual Handling) Regulations 1988, Workcover publications.
Course content covers areas such as:
  • The adoption of safe working and leisure practices
  • safe manual handling of objects
  • bed transfers, sit to stand transfers
  • use of lifters, weight transference
  • risk assessment and managing co-workers during manual handling.
Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Statement of Attendance.
Training is delivered in modern facilities using up to date equipment at our Port Adelaide and Lonsdale centres.

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Classes for Manual Handling (Non-accredited practical only) starting 30 Nov 2018