Adelaide Training and Employment Centre Inc. (ATEC) is an organisation which is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988. This Privacy Policy sets out the way ATEC handles personal information.

1. Collection
1.1. ATEC only collects personal information which is necessary for one or more of its functions or activities – that is, the provision of education, training and employment services (including Australian Apprenticeships Centre services and Group Training services). (ATEC may also be required by law to collect certain personal information in some situations).
1.2. ATEC collects personal information only by fair and lawful means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.
1.3. At the time of collecting personal information or as soon as practicable afterwards, ATEC takes steps to inform the individual of the following information:
1.3.1. Our identity and how to contact us;
1.3.2. The fact that the individual can gain access to their personal information;
1.3.3. The purposes for which the information is collected;
1.3.4. The types of organisations to whom the information may be disclosed;
1.3.5. Any law which requires the information to be collected;
1.3.6. The consequences for the individual if the information is not provided. ATEC does this in a number of ways. Where information is collected on a form, the form contains a privacy notice which sets out this information. ATEC also has a recorded message on hold which provides some of this information. Staff will provide a verbal privacy notice upon request.
1.4 Where possible ATEC collects information directly from the individual. Usually information is provided by the individual on a form, or over the phone, or by letter, fax or e-mail. ATEC may collect information from other sources, such as employers or referees. If we do this, we take steps to inform the individual that information has been collected from that source (if they are not already aware of the collection).
1.5 ATEC is also a contracted service provider to the State and Commonwealth governments. In those capacities, ATEC may collect
personal information from governments, agencies and third parties such as:
  • Training and Skills Commission;
  • Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services;
  • Educational bodies such as TAFE Institutes, colleges and schools;
  • Business Enterprise Centres;
  • Municipal Councils;
  • Group Training Organisations;
  • Industry Skills Councils;
  • Employers
  • Host Employers
  • The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations;
  • The Department of Further Education, Employment, Science & Technology
  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Centrelink;
  • Job Services Australia providers;
  • Employment Placement Agents
  • Australian Apprenticeships Centres;
  • Registered Training Organisations;
  • Australian Federal Police
 1.6 Depending on the service provided, the following laws may require the collection of certain information:
  • Training and Skills Development Act 2008 (SA);
  • Australian Quality Training Framework;
  • Education Act 1972 (SA);
  • Employment Agents Registration Act 1993 (SA);
  • Children’s Protection Act 1993 (SA);
1.7 ATEC ensures that it has consent to collect sensitive information2. Usually consent is implied because the individual provides the information voluntarily. In all other cases the individual’s consent is
obtained to collect sensitive information.
2 Sensitive Information is defined to include information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of political associations, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record and health information.
1.8 We use tracking technology to gather statistical information about users of our web site. No personally identifying information is collected by this means. However, if an individual chooses to contact us by email using a link on our web site, then we collect their e-mail address for the purpose of responding to their request or query.
1.9 The types of personal information which ATEC collects depends on the service provided, but may include:
  • Names;
  • Contact details including addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses;
  • Emergency contact details (ie next of kin or guardian);
  • Dates of birth;
  • Country of birth, citizenship and Aboriginality (where this information is required to determine eligibility for a particular service);
  • Education and training history;
  • Employment details and history;
  • Health and disability information (where it is relevant to eligibility for a service, or to ability to undertake employment or training);
  • Resumes and employer references;
  • Community involvement information;
  • Details relating to services provided – eg records of training undertaken at ATEC and associated records, records related to employment placements by ATEC and records related to Australian Apprenticeships Centre services.
1.10 If ATEC receives unsolicited personal information, applications or resumes for recruitment services, we will endeavour to contact the individual and tell them that we can not use their personal information unless they register on-line for recruitment services to ensure we have their consent for the use and disclosure of their personal information. Unsolicited personal information for recruitment services, other than that received through on-line registration, will be destroyed in line with the National Privacy Principles.
2. Use & Disclosure
2.1. ATEC only uses personal information for the purpose for which it was collected, or for related purposes which the individual would reasonably expect. If ATEC wishes to use the information for an unrelated purpose, we will first obtain the individual’s consent.
2.2. The purposes for which information is collected and used varies depending on the service provided, but may include:
  • Assessing eligibility for education, training and employment placement services, and assessing clients’ needs;
  • Administering enrolments, delivering education, training and assessing students, and issuing qualifications;
  • Assisting students/clients to gain Australian Apprenticeships;
  • Recruiting, placing, monitoring and training Group Training Apprentices and Trainees;
  • Assisting clients to obtain training and/or employment (including profiling for employment, vacancy referrals, up-skilling and other related employment placement services), and providing postplacement support;
  • Assisting employers to fill job vacancies and to claim lawful incentives;
  • Providing Australian Apprenticeships services to apprentices and employers (eg registration of Australian Apprenticeships Training Contracts);
  • Program and contract monitoring and evaluation;
  • Statistical and reporting purposes;
  • Internal business purposes related to the provision of training, and employment and Australian Apprenticeships Centre services.
2.3. ATEC may also use personal information to provide individuals with further information about our services. We will give individuals the option to “opt out” of receiving this type of information.
2.4. ATEC discloses personal information in the course of providing employment and training services. The types of organisations to whom ATEC discloses personal information include:
  • Training and Skills Commission;
  • Trainee and Apprenticeship Services;
  • Educational bodies such as TAFE Institutes, colleges and schools;
  • Business Enterprise Centres;
  • Municipal Councils;
  • Group Training Organisations;
  • Industry Skills Councils;
  • Employers
  • Host Employers
  • The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations;
  • The Department of Further Education, Employment, Science &Technology
  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Centrelink;
  • Job Services Australia providers;
  • Australian Apprenticeships Centres;
  • Employers who have job vacancies, and who provide references;
  • Registered Training Providers;
  • Australian Federal Police
When ATEC discloses information to these organisations, we include a privacy notice which notifies the recipient that they should use the information only for the purpose for which it is provided and handle the information in a manner which is consistent with the Privacy Act 1988. 
2.5. ATEC engages contractors to provide some training services. ATEC discloses personal information to these contractors which is necessary for them to provide the service. ATEC includes a clause in contracts with these training service providers which requires them to handle personal information received from ATEC in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.
2.6. ATEC holds some personal information about individuals who are under 18 years of age (“minors”). When we collect personal information from minors, we ask them to consent to us disclosing their personal information to a nominated parent or guardian on request by the parent or guardian.
2.7. ATEC may use or disclose personal information in some other ways which are authorised by the Privacy Act 1988 or other laws. For example, personal information may be disclosed in order to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to an individual’s life or health.
2.8. ATEC does not reveal, sell, distribute, trade, rent, licence or share personal information to others, other than as set out in this policy or authorised by law.
3. Data Quality and Security
3.1. ATEC takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate complete and up to date. These steps include:
3.1.1. Collecting information directly from the individual in writing where possible, to ensure that the information is accurate at the time of collection;
3.1.2. Encouraging individuals to inform us of any error or change to their personal information;
3.1.3. Immediately correcting errors or recording changes when they are brought to our attention.
3.2. ATEC takes reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. These steps include:
3.2.1. Ensuring that our staff are aware of their obligations with respect to privacy and confidentiality, and including a clause in their employment contracts requiring them to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and this policy;
3.2.2. Protecting access to computer databases by the use of passwords to restrict access;
3.2.3. Securing hard copy files and ensuring that buildings are locked and secured after business hours;
3.2.4. Secure disposal of waste paper (eg by shredding prior to disposal) which contains personal information.
3.3. ATEC destroys personal information when it is no longer required in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998.
4. Openness
4.1. ATEC has a written Privacy Statement which is made available to individuals on request. The Privacy Statement is a summary of this policy. The Statement is also displayed on our web site.
4.2. ATEC will explain to individuals, on request, (in a general sense) the types of personal information we hold, for what purposes, and how we collect, hold, use and disclose that information.
5. Access and Correction
5.1. Subject to the exceptions contained in the Privacy Act 1988, if ATEC holds personal information about an individual, we will give them access to that information on request.
5.2. The main exceptions to the requirement to give access are:
5.2.1. The request for access is frivolous or vexatious;
5.2.2. Providing access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of another individual. In this case, we may give access to parts of the information which do not identify another individual.
5.2.3. Providing access would prejudice negotiations with the individual;
5.2.4. The information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between us and the individual, and the information would not be accessible through discovery;
5.2.5. Providing access would be unlawful – or denying access is authorised by law;
5.2.6. Providing access would reveal a commercially sensitive decision making process. In this case, we will give an explanation of the information without revealing the sensitive process.
5.3. ATEC encourages individuals to put their request for access in writing where possible. Requests for access should be directed as follows: 
  • Training Services Students: Student Administration at 275 Grand Junction Road, Ottoway SA 5013.
  • Australian Apprentices: ATEC Australian Apprenticeships Office at 275 Grand Junction Road, Ottoway SA 5013.
  • ATEC Group Training Apprentices & Trainees: ATEC Group Training at 275 Grand Junction Road, Ottoway SA 5013.
  • General requests: ATEC Privacy Officer 12 Todd Street, Port Adelaide SA 5015, or Ground Floor, Commonwealth House, Noarlunga Centre 5168 
  • Employers: one of the addresses above, as appropriate.
5.4. There is no charge for making a request for access, but an administrative fee may be charged for providing access depending on the work involved in locating and providing the information.
5.5. If ATEC denies a request for access, we give a reason for our decision.
5.6. ATEC requires the individual requesting access to provide proof of their identity before releasing information to them.
5.7. If an individual establishes that personal information we hold about them is incorrect, we will correct the information immediately.
5.8. If we do not agree that the information is incorrect, we allow the individual to make a statement in relation to the information and include the information on our file.
6. Identifiers
6.1. ATEC does not adopt Commonwealth government identifiers (such as tax file numbers and Medicare numbers) as its own form of identifying individuals.
6.2. ATEC only uses these identifiers as required in the course of providing training and employment placement services, and does not otherwise use or disclose these identifiers.
7. Anonymity
7.1. Where possible, ATEC allows individuals to remain anonymous when dealing with us. In general, this will only be where an individual makes a general inquiry about our services.
7.2. If an individual does not wish to provide personal information to us, we will explain the consequences of not providing the information. For example, we may not be able to provide a particular service if personal information is not provided.
8. Transborder data flows
8.1. In general, ATEC does not disclose personal information to organisations outside of Australia. If information is disclosed overseas, ATEC takes reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient will apply a similar level of privacy protection to that required under the Privacy Act 1988.
9. Complaints
9.1. All complaints in relation to privacy issues are directed to ATEC’s Privacy Officer at 12 Todd Street, Pt Adelaide SA 5015.
9.2. Individuals are encouraged to put their complaint in writing to assist ATEC in dealing with the complaint.
9.3. The Privacy Officer will deal with complaints in accordance with ATEC’s grievance procedures.
9.4. Details of the nature of complaints (without any personally identifying information) may be recorded for use in future privacy audits.